Power flush in Branston

Today we have been power flushing a customers central heating system before fitting a new boiler.  This picture is a clear example of why this is necessary in certain situations. We took the decision to use the power flush machine after cutting into the Pipework and seeing the years of sludge build up coating the inside surface.  Needless to say, if we hadn’t taken the decision to flush it thoroughly, then it would not have been long before the new high efficiency boiler would have clogged up with sludge.  


Morton Lodges Biomass Installation

We are pleased to present our latest biomass installation at Morton Lodges

It is running the central heating and hot water demands for six self contained holiday lets.  

The boiler is a Grant Spira 26kw biomass with 200kg day hopper

This installation is eligible for the commercial biomass RHI government funded heating allowance.  

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New Grant Vecta Biomass Boiler


Submitted on 2014/07/24 at 10:17 pm
Last week I attended a Grant training course on their new biomass boilers.
I was very excited to see this new boiler in its latter development stages. It could be what is needed to bring biomass to the masses !!! FYI that is not a puddle under the external trap it is different coloured paint !