New powerflush machine

Our Old powerflush machine was getting a bit tired so we have just purchased a new Kamco cf40 powerflush machine along with a Kamco combi mag filter.

This is a picture of the debris build up on the magnet after powerflushing a customers 8 radiator heating system.

The results speak for themselves.

Worcester GB162 Cascade Installation

We have recently completed the installation of two Worcester GB162 commercial boilers. We connected the existing central heating system to a plate heat exchanger arrangement.  The boilers are controlled by the Worcester Logamatic sequencer. 

Welton Worcester 34CDI 

Our customer today made the right decision to get rid of their horrid Potterton Powermax and replace it with a shiny new Worcester Greenstar 34cdi Classic combination boiler.  Then they made another great decision to go for the full package deal and got us to fit the excellent new Worcester magnetic filter and wi-fi connected Worcester Wave programmer. As we are Gold accredited Worcester installers, this package deal fitted by us qualifies for a 10 year guarantee.

We started the installation today at 8:30am and were finished at 5:00pm all fully flushed and cleansed, up and running, controlled off the customers phone. 

This is before and after :


Worcester Danesmoor Factory

Today we have been at the Worcester training centre at Clay cross near Chesterfield.  We come to the training centre every year to refresh and update our knowledge whilst checking out the latest innovations Worcester Bosch have to offer.


Anyone for a water softener 

We drained down and removed a leaking cylinder today.  I was intrigued to find out why my arms ached so much from carrying it down the stairs.  We cut the cylinder in half to reveal the massive limescale build up. I think we can safely say we are in a hard water area.

This kind of scale build up can be prevented by fitting a water softener. It replaces the calcium ions in the water with sodium ions leaving your shower screens, cylinders, dishwashers, taps and anything else connected to your water supply lime free.  

It’s the only true soloution to this kind of problem.  Call us today for a free quote

01522 537764 


New Central Heating In Welton 

Just completed a full central heating job in Welton. It incorporates the Honeywell Evohome with wireless Internet access.
It has three independent heating zones, a circuit for the swimming pool, hot water circuit and a secondary hot water pump.
Supplying the heat to this mammoth system is a new Worcester Greenstar 40cdi regular boiler