Oil Boiler and Oil Tanks

Oil Boiler and Oil Tanks

An efficient, well maintained oil boiler will provide all the heating and hot water requirements for your home.

Many of the villages surrounding Lincoln still rely on oil for heating with many people actually preferring it to gas. If the oil prices are low then it can work out considerably cheaper to run an oil boiler than a gas boiler. Many people like to see how much oil they have in their tank and can choose when they want a delivery. Many villagers collaborate with each other and all get a delivery on the same day reducing the cost of oil and the carbon footprint of the lorry.

Modern oil storage combination boilers such as the Worcester heatslave 2 are superbly efficient, delivering high flow rates of hot water and providing heat for the vast majority of heating systems all from a box the size of a washing machine.

Don’t like the thought of having an oil boiler in your house or haven’t got the space? Why not fit an external boiler. Purpose made, aesthetically pleasing cabin packs are manufactured by all the main brands of oil boiler.

Oil tank installations are taken care of start to finish. We carry out all the groundwork and concreting ourselves and transfer the oil from your old tank into the new tank.

  • Oil boiler installations
  • Oil boiler servicing
  • Oil boiler breakdowns and repairs
  • Full Oil tank installation
  • Oil tank decontamination and pump outs
  • Fire valves
  • Tigerloop de aerator
  • Oil line replacement and testing